‘Us’ Review Haiku (SPOILER FREE): A Solid Horror Outing Not Without Its Flaws


Is Rarely Scary;
But Births a New Horror Look;
Entertains Throughout.


Jordan Peele is being heralded for his work in the horror genre with his first two directorial efforts. He is a true student of the game, blending aspects from the greats of the past (Hitchcock, Spielberg, Carpenter) and delivering it in a fresh way to be enjoyed by young and old generations alike. Get Out showed his talent, while Us has managed to keep Peele from a “sophomore slump”.

Us gives horror lovers something that we have not had in many years: an iconic horror villain look. The red coats and gold shears will go down in history with the likes of the razor blade glove, hockey mask and chainsaw. Horror movies have thrived off of an image that will stick in viewers minds and Peele succeeded where others have not even tried.

The film does not wait and jumps right into the action. This pace does not let up for the entire run-time, either. This is another highlight of the film. Peele manages to keep your typical/standard horror story structure, but made it engaging and intriguing enough to where you were not looking at your phone wondering why the movie hasn’t ended yet.

The music and score should not be overlooked. The spin on ‘I Got 5 On It’ will always be the big selling/talking point, but it went deeper than that. The music as a whole felt proper throughout. The score was not only used to set atmosphere, but also do some of the scaring. This brings up my major flaw with the film.

Us is not scary, in the most liberal definition of the word. The score was the main component used to help frighten the audience, but it was not enough. There were unsettling moments and creepy vibes (at times), but there were no scares. This is no an exaggeration. There were none.

A scarier version of this movie could have been a legitimate instant classic. But a horror film that does not spook or scare immediately takes a huge hit. This is no way negatively affects my opinion on Peele as a filmmaker; I am highly looking forward to his future outings.


Have you seen Us? How did it compare to Get Out? Drop a comment below and head over to our Facebook Community for much more discussion!

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