Film of the Day (03/27/19): The Raid: Redemption

Written and Directed By Gareth Evans

Shortly after I watched Apostle, Rome told me about this series, and I finally started it last night after multiple people told me I had to stop sleeping on it, especially as I’m a fan of these kinds of fast-paced action movies. Everyone was right, and I absolutely loved the first entry!

The plot is simple. A group of special forces police enter an apartment building run by a local crime lord, looking to finally oust him and restore order. But once they are inside, the fight to get back up is an incredibly uphill battle, to say the least. The adrenaline almost never stops pumping at full speed. Gareth Evans took a very simple premise and turned it into something absolutely unforgettable, with a mix of run-and-gun action and incredibly-choreographed closed-quarters fighting that hits hard and fast and relentlessly. After finishing it, I thought that Daredevil certainly owed some of its influence to these long-take fighting sequences.

Everything here is just about as on-point as it can get. The score amplifies the insane action, the shot selection and editing work hand-in-hand and for something that focuses so heavily on fighting, there is some really solid cinematography to observe as well. The camera movements are seamless and inventive and further the sense of absolute cohesion from the entire crew. Not to mention, Iko Uwais is about as purebreed a badass as you’re going to find anywhere in the cinematic world.

This is an absolute spectacle in every sense. A sheer symphony of violence with an undeniable cool factor, this film is a treat and defines “must-see” for action fans. As of this writing, it is currently available on Netflix.

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