‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Review Haiku: Solid Spectacle, Shoddy Script

Even the coolest moments cannot save this terrible script.

‘Everybody Knows’ Review Haiku: A Family Affair

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are absolutely incredible in their performances as the mother of a kidnapped girl and her former lover from many years ago. Their past is no secret (hence the film’s title), but that doesn’t mean we know the full story.

‘Triple Frontier’ Review Haiku: The Cost of Greed

HAIKU REVIEW Led By A Great Cast; Not The Average Heist Film; Sets Some Lofty Goals. ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS How do you differentiate yourself as a heist thriller in a world already crowded with them? Conclude the heist portion halfway through, switch up into a survival action-drama and add in some deeper philosophical elements. It worksContinue reading “‘Triple Frontier’ Review Haiku: The Cost of Greed”

‘Apollo 11’ Review Haiku: One Giant Leap

Director Todd Douglas Miller isn’t trying to slant or push any sort of narrative. He just presents to the audience the most remarkable trip humanity has ever embarked upon. And it is truly a spectacle to both watch and listen to.

‘Fighting With My Family Review Haiku: Don’t Tap Out On Your Dreams

Wrestling and filmmaking have an essential ingredient in their core that mirror each other: the need to convince an audience that something they know is scripted is real.

‘O.G.’ Review Haiku: The Price of Freedom

HAIKU REVIEW The Perfect Lead Choice; Turns Down The Conventional; And Offers Deep Thought. ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS Don’t look now, but Jeffrey Wright is quietly becoming the master of saying a million words without ever moving his lips, and drawing you in based on his sheer presence while doing so. In this latest HBO film, heContinue reading “‘O.G.’ Review Haiku: The Price of Freedom”