Awful Dialogue;
Cheesy, Corny and Contrived;
Cool Puzzles and Tricks.


I wanted to love this movie and I wanted to like this movie. The latter maybe true. Escape Room feels like a movie from my adolescence, like a movie from the early 2000’s. I cannot pinpoint any major homages or inspirations, but the vibe was most certainly present. It gave off a sense of nostalgia to me.

We are thrown into the action early. There is a little bit of setup with a few of the characters, while others are given room to breathe before diving into their backstory. This was definitely a good move. Any somewhat significant length of time during this film that lacked “action” (used liberally) would be a giant downfall. Thankfully that is not where this film falters.

Almost everything else in this movie is a mess. The clunky lines of dialogue and exposition were laughable. It was actually somewhat entertaining in that sense. The motivations of characters was questionable at best. The ending did not sit well with me at all… it felt as if it was trying to be something it is not.

The rooms involved were actually somewhat interesting. They had cool ideas, but did not fully utilize them. The final room was very cool and they were able to do some neat things with the camera. This was my favorite part of the movie. It was simply upended by the ending.

If you are a fan of the “locked in a room” trope, I would highly recommend this movie to you. Yes, it is not a great movie… but that does not mean it is not worth watching. Admittedly, I am fond of these kinds of movies. If I am going to watch a B-movie, this is almost what I want it to be. Some of the ideas were intriguing, but horrendous writing and poor acting kept this film from realizing its potential.


Written by Bragi Schut & Maria Melnik
Directed by Adam Robitel

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