‘Dragged Across Concrete’ Review Haiku: I’m In Until I’m Not

This is a film that knows how to maximize its strengths. Dragged Across Concrete feels a bit like a Coen film with less witty dialogue and a harder edge, making it an unapologetic powerhouse and an unforgettable watch.

‘The Hummingbird Project Review Haiku: Speed Kills

The Hummingbird Project can be a raw and real look at the cost of determination. It moves along at a solid pace and ends on a beautifully framed and melancholy shot that is bound to make you think.

‘Hotel Mumbai’ Review Haiku: Terror in the Flesh

Much like Paul Greengrass with last year’s 22 July, Maras drops us right into the center of the action and barely lets his foot off the gas long enough to let the audience catch its breath over the course of two hours.

Film of the Day (02/05/19): A Most Wanted Man

I really appreciate a quiet little thriller like this that can exist without action sequences or memorable set pieces and still be engaging.