Written By Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph
Directed By Ivan Reitman

After having watched so many heavy movies and shows lately, I needed something decidedly lighter, so here we are. Kevin Costner is oddly undeniable in sports movies and recently grabbed my attention again with his strong work in Yellowstone, so when this came highly recommended I wasn’t surprised. This was a ton of fun, and something I never felt the need to over-analyze, but instead just sit back and enjoy. It’s very dialogue-heavy, and finds some cool ways to come full circle in the final scenes. I enjoyed Denis Leary playing his usual hothead, smartass self, Jennifer Garner is solid in her role, and Costner carries the weight of the picture on his shoulders admirably. However, to fully put my film nerd status on display, what grabbed me the most was the editing by Dana E Glauberman and Sheldon Kahn. The way Reitman’s shots were cut together, often playing against each other with characters even appearing in each other’s space despite being in different locations, was really great to watch and went a long way toward developing a distinct visual style for the film. This is probably the best Ivan Reitman effort in quite a long time.