‘Dragged Across Concrete’ Review Haiku: I’m In Until I’m Not

This is a film that knows how to maximize its strengths. Dragged Across Concrete feels a bit like a Coen film with less witty dialogue and a harder edge, making it an unapologetic powerhouse and an unforgettable watch.

‘Woman at War’ Review Haiku: The Single Joy of a Double Life

What a delight this turned out to be. Another case of going to see something I knew nothing about just because the timing of the screening was perfect, and I walked out having loved what I’d just seen.

‘High Life’ Review Haiku: The Edge of Oblivion

Any way you look at this film, it is bold. The choices are striking and it will not be for everyone, but it will reward those with the patience and interest in a deep thinker that welcomes every chance to make them uncomfortable.