Whether you are on board with the Disney era of remakes/retelling/rehashes or you think they should strictly stick to original tales, there is no denying the charm this movie will have. The cinematography looks dazzling, as well. I cannot wait to see this.

The Raid and The Raid 2 are probably my two favorite action movies. I was pretty underwhelmed when I heard about this movie. I watched this trailer and want to re-do my Most Anticipated of Fall 2018 list. This would be towards the top.

While I wish Rooney Mara and/or David Fincher would have taken another shot in this universe, this trailer looks bad ass.

Documentaries are extremely hit-or-miss with me. This looks to be a knock out of the park.

Oh, dude…

The two leads seem to have wonderful chemistry, here. Netflix is normally on the lower end of the quality spectrum with movies of this type, but I have higher hopes for this.