‘Deadwood: The Movie’ Review Haiku: A Farewell to Arms

David Milch had a monumental task at hand. How do you go about wrapping up three seasons of television in the space of a single movie?

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – A Review Haiku

The Coens are their own genre. In fine form yet again, they blend humor with violence and create some wonderful and memorable moments that are equal parts zany and bold.

Haiku Review: Woman Walks Ahead

It’s a story about how we learn to trust each other and work together, with strong themes about not only being yourself, but remembering who you were born to be, before someone else’s preconceived notions shaped your worldview.

Weekly Wrap-Up: February 27th

Here on the Weekly Wrap-Up, you can find all the news and rumors from the past week in the world of television and film.