Film of the Day (03/12/19): Bridge of Spies

Spielberg and Hanks have done it again.

Film of the Day (06/08/18): Close Encounters of The Third Kind

Spielberg has always had a way with wowing an audience, and a lot of that dates back to this film, capturing the awe that I imagine we would all feel if we were ever able to confirm contact with an alien race.

2018 March Movie Madness (90s Edition) – CHAMPIONSHIP & 3RD PLACE VOTING

A favorite from the get-go, Goodfellas was upset by Jurassic Park in the Final Four. The 2 heavyweights, Fight Club and Pulp Fiction dueled it out, with Pulp Fiction winning a close one, 35-31. We have a 3rd place match-up, between Goodfellas and Fight Club, as well as our CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH. All of these filmsContinue reading “2018 March Movie Madness (90s Edition) – CHAMPIONSHIP & 3RD PLACE VOTING”