Film of the Day (06/03/19): 41

Like Primer, this matches a high concept with a low budget and produces something memorable for fans of both science fiction and drama. It can also be quite funny at times.

‘Brightburn’ Review Haiku: Concept Over Execution

If this expands into its own twisted universe, I will keep on tuning in because the concept is too intriguing, but I was certainly hoping for a bit more here.

‘High Life’ Review Haiku: The Edge of Oblivion

Any way you look at this film, it is bold. The choices are striking and it will not be for everyone, but it will reward those with the patience and interest in a deep thinker that welcomes every chance to make them uncomfortable.

Film of the Day (06/08/18): Close Encounters of The Third Kind

Spielberg has always had a way with wowing an audience, and a lot of that dates back to this film, capturing the awe that I imagine we would all feel if we were ever able to confirm contact with an alien race.

Top 10 Sci-Fi Films From the 21st Century (That You May Not Have Seen)

A list of relatively unknown, obscure science fiction films since the year 2000.