‘Hotel Mumbai’ Review Haiku: Terror in the Flesh

Much like Paul Greengrass with last year’s 22 July, Maras drops us right into the center of the action and barely lets his foot off the gas long enough to let the audience catch its breath over the course of two hours.

Film of the Day (04/03/19): We Need To Talk About Kevin

Speaking volumes about the nature vs nurture debate and inviting you to think deeply on the subject, it’s the kind of emotionally-wrecking film that will be difficult to revisit, but demands to be appreciated. 

Film of the Day (03/31/19): Elysium

With three feature films to his credit, Neill Blomkamp has proven to have a distinct visual style and a flare for science fiction stories that, while told in futuristic settings, draw a lot of parallels to our world and our time.

‘The Beach Bum’ Review Haiku: Florida Man Gets Really High, Steals Multiple Boats

Perhaps it’s a warning against taking life too seriously. Or maybe it’s just about getting high, having sex and enjoying a good poem.

‘Everybody Knows’ Review Haiku: A Family Affair

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are absolutely incredible in their performances as the mother of a kidnapped girl and her former lover from many years ago. Their past is no secret (hence the film’s title), but that doesn’t mean we know the full story.

Film of the Day (03/27/19): The Raid: Redemption

Everything here is just about as on-point as it can get. The score amplifies the insane action, the shot selection and editing work hand-in-hand and for something that focuses so heavily on fighting, there is some really solid cinematography to observe as well.

Film of the Day (03/27/19): Chappie

I really like Blomkamp’s style of filmmaking. It’s visceral, engaging and meaningful, especially considering his genge preoccupations. I hope his next film has a bit more focus, so it can shine as brightly as his debut.