Film of the Day (02/28/19): Lone Survivor

While this didn’t quite hit the level of Deepwater Horizon or Patriot’s Day for me, it was still a very solid effort with some great cast work and riveting suspense.

Film of the Day (02/05/19): A Most Wanted Man

I really appreciate a quiet little thriller like this that can exist without action sequences or memorable set pieces and still be engaging.

Film of the Day (01/20/19): The Fate of the Furious

Once again, the set pieces are off the charts, nearing the pinnacle of being hard to top if your name isn’t Mission: Impossible.

Film of the Day (01/19/19): Furious 7

This is a fitting send-off for Paul Walker in a franchise that belonged to him just as much as Vin Diesel. 

2018 Cinematic Discussion Awards

2018 was an amazing year for movies. We saw great blockbuster films, wonderful small budgeted dramas and everything in between. Creating a Top 10 for the year was incredibly difficult, as there were easily 20 movies that could have made it, as well as another 50 that deserve to be mentioned at the very least.Continue reading “2018 Cinematic Discussion Awards”