‘Bumblebee’ Review Haiku: More than Meets the Eye

Bumblebee has a lot going for it, but the most important aspect is its heart. It never feels like a cheap, toy-pushing cash grab, and even if it follows a proven formula, it respects itself and its audience.

‘Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle’ Review Haiku: Running with the Pack

The visual aspects of the film manage to function as its best friend and also its worst enemy, at times.

Film of the Day (05/18/18): Swiss Army Man

The title is no accident. Hank is looking for a tool to help him survive. He needs a lot of things: a friend, a vehicle, a resource, a power tool, a rifle…he finds all of this and more in a (talking) corpse he has named Manny.

Yep. It’s Cast Away meets Weekend at Bernie’s.