‘Shadow’ Review Haiku: Beauty and Blood

Once the film really gets going, the spectacles are a sight to see. The choreography is as good as you’d imagine, with inventive fighting scenes featuring a creative new weapon that allows for some really engaging sequences.

Film of the Day (03/31/19): Elysium

With three feature films to his credit, Neill Blomkamp has proven to have a distinct visual style and a flare for science fiction stories that, while told in futuristic settings, draw a lot of parallels to our world and our time.

Film of the Day (03/27/19): The Raid: Redemption

Everything here is just about as on-point as it can get. The score amplifies the insane action, the shot selection and editing work hand-in-hand and for something that focuses so heavily on fighting, there is some really solid cinematography to observe as well.

Film of the Day (03/27/19): Chappie

I really like Blomkamp’s style of filmmaking. It’s visceral, engaging and meaningful, especially considering his genge preoccupations. I hope his next film has a bit more focus, so it can shine as brightly as his debut.

Film of the Day (01/20/19): The Fate of the Furious

Once again, the set pieces are off the charts, nearing the pinnacle of being hard to top if your name isn’t Mission: Impossible.