Film of the Day (06/03/19): 41

Written and Directed By Glenn Triggs

41 is a really solid little indie film from Australia that I had never heard of until Amazon recommended I add it to my Prime list. Like Primer, this matches a high concept with a low budget and produces something memorable for fans of both science fiction and drama. It can also be quite funny at times.

Glenn Triggs is a one-man crew, serving as writer, director, producer, cinematographer and editor. Hell, I’m surprised he didn’t totally follow Shane Carruth’s example and also star in and score the film as well. The idea is that, a young man named Aidan, after a college philosophy exam, runs into a copy of himself who gives him very specific instructions not to go to a certain motel. Naturally, his friends assume he’s crazy and hallucinated the encounter and of course he goes to the motel to seek meaning behind the encounter. Searching for meaning and purpose is a thread that runs throughout the film’s short 81 minute runtime, and once Aidan discovers that the motel is hiding a time-traveling secret, he is determined to find his. Aidan is played well by Chris Gibson, one of many unknown names in this small but affecting piece, and he embraces the confusion of his situation and steers his performance right into the heart of the storm.

Now, time travel is tricky. The film takes care to explain its rules but still seems to violate them in the third act, unless you find a convoluted way to explain away a plot hole in a way that should have been addressed on screen. But if you can look past that jump and see the sweetness underneath, in Aidan’s journey itself, it is quite rewarding. 41 asks the essential question of “Why?” And perhaps the answer all along is a simple one: Why not?

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