Sloppy Story Drags;
Mega Monster Mayhem Down;
To An Almost Halt.


‘Godzilla’ is in the title, so you know what you’re in for. On that level, this movie does not disappoint. We are given some of the finest monster movie moments known to man. On other levels, this movie is a complete and utter failure.

When the monsters, or titans, are on screen, everything seems to be working perfectly. The looks of the new additions are great. The sound is as spectacular as in the first of the series. Monumental moments were not slacked on during the battle scenes. The audience pumped their fists, cheering on the insides. The movie was built around these moments and were the absolute highlights.

Having the inclusion of a tightly knit story of human connection woven into the destruction and chaos of behemoths battling for ultimate supremacy would be a welcome. If the story you are telling is lackluster, if the dialogue is poor, if the acting is somewhat unbelievable…you are better off leaving it all on the cutting room floor and giving us what we all came to see.

Some of the dialogue was atrocious. While I can see someone coming up with the lines, how they got past the editing stage is beyond me. Vera Farmiga and Kyle Chandler couldn’t save the material they were given to work with. Millie Bobby Brown turns in a decent performance, but once again… with a horrid script, your actors can only take you so far.

While you could say that none of the extra stuff matters in a movie like this, I felt like it took away from the main attraction. Battle scenes were cut away from to see what was progressing with human characters that were barely cared about before they were distracting from what I and everyone else paid to see.

I want to write a paragraph listing all the amazingly cool stuff that happened in the movie, but I want readers who have not seen the film to be able to experience it on their own for the first time. The movie was littered with great scenes and marvelous shots. But you cannot get past that…monstrous script.

I could have used more Mothra.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters is Written By Michael Dougherty and Zach Shields and Directed By Michael Dougherty

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