Bit Of A Hybrid;
Wears Its Heart Clear On Its Sleeve;
Music And Message.


Donald Glover has set quite the bar for himself over the last few years, especially with the critical success of FX’s Atlanta. He is a creative powerhouse and not afraid to distinguish his own vision and voice amongst his peers. When I saw he had a new film available on Amazon, I had to jump on it.

At only 55 minutes, it’s a tight, breezy watch, but could have used a bit more time to flesh itself out more. It certainly works for the ideas it presents, but it would have been fun to explore more of the island and condition of the workers giving every day to enrich Red Cargo. Glover plays Deni, a singer-songwriter on Guava Island, a place with rich a heavily desired blue silk that has enriched one man at the expense of everyone else. It’s bookended as a fairytale, with Deni’s journey to go from his radio station gig to organizing and performing at an all-night music festival to unite the people as its focal point.

The film makes very clear points about capitalism and the few vs the many that are impossible to miss. Its message is strong and clear despite the short runtime, and although heavy-handed, it is very watchable thanks to the leads (Glover and Rihanna), the location and the music video-minded approach. The film is as vibrant and alive as one would imagine a paradise would be, and it bursts free in ways its characters have only previously dreamt of doing.


Guava Island is Written By Stephen Glover and Directed By Hiro Murai

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