‘Brightburn’ Review Haiku: Concept Over Execution


An Awesome Concept;
Not Matched In Execution;
But Entertaining.


Sometimes you have a great idea but, try as you might, you just can’t quite nail the execution. For me, that was the case here, and it turned a top notch idea into an average final product, but one that I still enjoyed watching.

Now I’m far from a horror expert, as I rarely see these kinds of movies, but this trailer grabbed me immediately and I had to check it out. The idea of a Superman story taken in such a dark direction has a lot of appeal to it, especially in the midst of the endless deluge of superhero fare. And David Yarovesky does a solid enough job directing his cast, pacing the film, showcasing some grisly kills and upping the creep out factor. But the script from Brian and Mark Gunn needed a bit more padding to enhance its build (and eventual payoff as a result). It had the chance to drive home some cool ideas but appeared a bit gunshy, opting for more of a simple story that followed horror conventions. Now, given the scene that plays out immediately over the credits, it’s entirely possible that this will turn out to be an origin story in a bigger universe, which has a lot of potential, but when judging on its own merits in the here and now, it falls short.

Elizabeth Banks does a good job as the adoptive mother in the story, refusing to believe the awful truth about her son until it’s past the point of deniability. She is vulnerable, her strength tested at every turn. Her husband (played by David Denman) catches on more quickly, but he’s fighting an uphill battle in his own home. Denman is solid in his role but not nearly as memorable as he is in Yellowstone (which returns soon!), but that seems more to do with his character than his ability. If he had as much time as Banks, he’d have been able to accomplish more. As the villain of the story, Jackson A Dunn is admirable, switching from the innocent and confused young man to the deranged, powerful killer in an instant, using the slightest looks or facial tweaks to convey imminent and grave danger. Of course, that creepy mask helps a lot.

If this expands into its own twisted universe, I will keep on tuning in because the concept is too intriguing, but I was certainly hoping for a bit more here.


Brightburn is Written By Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn and Directed By David Yarovesky

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