Character Driven;
With Memorable Voice Work;
A Worthy Sequel.


The first movie in this franchise was a successful idea for the same reason everyone was intrigued by Toy Story. Kids delighted at the idea of their pets having adventures when they weren’t around. And adventure is, once again, front and center in not only New York City, but the surrounding countryside.

Patton Oswalt replaces the disgraced Louis C.K. as Max, the dog leading the pack of friends within the apartment building. He has become overly fearful and protective with the arrival of a baby (now a danger-seeking toddler), and needs help learning to let go and let his kid…be a kid. The script, as with its predecessor, does a great job of blending multiple stories and characters into one climactic scene that ties everything together in a way for the whole family to enjoy.

The voice cast does a wonderful job of really bringing, well…animation to their characters. Max is played so well you’ll only notice the voice change if you recently watched its parent film. Kevin Hart knocks Snowball out of the park and is a highlight of the whole show. Jenny Slate, Tiffany Haddish, Harrison Ford and Dana Carvey all do great work as well and everyone stands out from each other while contributing memorably.

Like most family-centric movies, there are lessons to be learned, hidden depth (in this case, a look at anxiety and overcoming its grasp) and a handful of jokes aimed at the adults in the seats. We all really enjoyed it as the first official summer family film.


The Secret Life of Pets 2 is Written By Brian Lynch and Directed By Chris Renaud and Jonathan del Val

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