Film of the Day (05/10/19): Bad Words

Written By Andrew Dodge and Directed By Jason Bateman

How on Earth had I never even heard of this until the other day? I mean, other than the fact that it came out during a stretch where I barely watched movies because I was a relatively new parent.

This is absolutely hilarious, and a great choice for Jason Bateman to make his directorial debut. Since he’s also starring, he knew exactly what he needed out of his lead (a guy named Guy), and delivers a smarmy asshole of a character who acts like far more of an antagonist than a protagonist, but is immensely watchable. His relationship with Chaitanya (Rohand Chand in an adorable turn) is great to watch, even if it plays out exactly how you expect it to after their initial meeting.

The idea of an adult using a loophole to enter a children’s national spelling bee is funny enough, especially when you go into it knowing it has an R rating. And yes, you will figure out the plot and ending halfway through if not sooner, but none of that matters. It has some solid themes and messages, but this is the kind of movie you sign up for to get straight to the laughs, and it delivers those in spades. If you haven’t, see this movie!

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