Film of the Day (05/07/19): Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

Written By Eli Craig and Morgan Jurgenson and Directed By Eli Craig

That’s twice in the last two weeks now that I’ve watched a genre comedy I’ve long ignored based on false assumptions and was proven gloriously, hilariously wrong.

This takes the “dumb young people vs hillbillies in the woods” trope and turns it completely on its ear, to wonderful results. Alan Tudyk is as funny as ever, mastering the goofy redneck role and milking as many laughs as possible out of it, helped especially by his penchant for foolish facial expressions. He’s teamed up with a comedic equal in Tyler Labine (playing a similar character to his Deadbeat days), who adds in equal parts silly and sweetness to complete a recipe for a great little movie.

The idea that the rednecks are just misunderstood and the college kids judged them too quickly is a strong message to rally behind, but the film never lets preaching impede comedy. One uproarious turn of events and misinterpreted happenstance after another propel the story forward at a great pace, as it quickly turns into a skewed and amusing version of Final Destination. Simply put, this is just damned funny and easily worth the 90 minutes.

Currently available on Netflix.


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