‘UglyDolls’ Review Haiku: Not A Pretty Sight


Too Predictable;
Struggles To Find Engagement;
Only For The Kids.


I didn’t have high hopes for this going in, but my kids were very excited. After ninety minutes, the story hadn’t changed, as they enjoyed the characters, story and song and I really struggled to connect.

It’s the kind of movie you can predict from the trailer and it goes exactly where you expect, without much in the way of surprising turns along the way. The colors are brighter than I would think for a story about things that are ugly and looked down upon, but it works because they don’t see themselves in any sort of negative light and enjoy making the most of their situation. The main image of accepting your flaws and loving yourself is a noble one, the issue for me was that the characters weren’t dynamic enough to make for an emotional impact, despite good voice work from the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Wanda Sykes, Gabriel Iglesias and more. The script just doesn’t hold the weight it wants to shoulder.

The film is exactly what you expect. It has cute moments and catchy songs for the kids, and the adults get one or two throwaway jokes to chuckle at as they think about their kids inevitably begging for the dolls that are surely on shelves everywhere. For me, while this has its moments, it doesn’t come close to much of the other animated family movies that have come out this year.


UglyDolls is Written By Alison Peck and Directed By Kelly Asbury

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