‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’ Review Haiku: Dream Big, Fail Bigger


Truly Wild Story;
Typical “Florida Man”;
Way Out Of His Depth.


What made the subject of this movie think this was a good idea? I mean, seriously.

When this made headlines a few years back, it must have read like the predecessor of the current “Florida Man” stories. A regular guy, feeling the effects of the recession in a big way, flies to Puerto Rico intent on digging up a large amount of cocaine buried in a field that had washed up on the ocean and been buried by an acquaintance of his fifteen years earlier. He enlists a pilot to get him there and back and a local dealer to help him move the weight. All because he heard a crazy, convincing story while getting bombed at a party.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well the short answer is every damn thing, and the long answer has to be seen to be believed. This is a wildly entertaining documentary, shot by Theo Love in a very refreshing way that keeps you engaged (and laughing) throughout its 90 minute runtime. These people define the word character, and are just plain fun to watch as they reenact the actions that landed each of them where they are now. The pace is swift and plot points hit at the right times to reveal new twists in the story. The potential conspiracy angle that closes the film is great, and the shot leading directly into the credits had me howling. This is a home-run for Netflix.


The Legend of Cocaine Island is Directed By Theo Love

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