Film of the Day (04/27/19): Tusk

Written and Directed By Kevin Smith

Ever see a movie and wonder how it got funded? For me, this is one of those.

I thought it started with a lot of promise. I knew the reviews were fairly negative but Kevin Smith can be divisive so I didn’t think much of it. I was getting pretty into the first half hour or so, before things took a serious turn into Weirdville and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. The serial killer with a weird obsession angle was totally fine, but you lose me when you can somehow turn a human into a walrus, complete with tusks, by carving them up and then somehow they are really fat, can’t talk, and aren’t dead. It wasn’t entirely trash and was made well enough, but the dark humor wasn’t landing much for me and the longer it went on the more I wanted it to end. I mistakenly thought it would be more horror-related than it turned out to be (a silly assumption given the director, I suppose, but after the tension that Red State built up, I thought this would go down a similar path), and while I can appreciate being wrong and being surprised, this was just not enjoyable. I wanted more interaction between the massively-clashing personalities of Howard Howe (Michael Parks) and Wallace Bryton (Justin Long). What I got was…anything but.

This is not one I will revisit but for those interested, it’s currently available on Netflix.

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