Great Camerawork;
Unique, Funny Narration;
An All Ages Treat.


This is the kind of movie you needn’t say much about, because you know exactly what you’re getting when you sit down. It promises an unapologetically cute family experience that entertains and informs, balancing learning with laughter, and never disappoints.

With a crew of sixteen cinematographers taking three years to shoot this project, I can only imagine the incredible amount of unseen footage they are sitting on, which should be great for special features that boost home sales. There are scores of gorgeous shorts on display, giving us a real sense of awe and wonder regarding the Antarctic landacape and climate, as well as a mountain of respect for the animals that live, feed and breed there.

Ed Helms was a great choice to anthropomorphize the titlular creatures, ad he keeps a light, jovial tone that will eve distract the kids from the moments of real danger. David Fowler’s script affords Helms a great balance between facts and fun and he runs with it.

The film doesn’t reduce nature, it expands nature’s scope to a younger crowd. Sure, I learned a few things too, but for me the joy was hearing my kids not only recite the funny moments but also discuss mating rituals, migration patterns and environmental changes after the credits rolled.

This is a very admirable project that is well worth your family’s 75 minutes. It is often breathtaking to view, wonderfully edited (a feat that must have taken ages and unimaginable amounts of work), a breeze to sit through and will put a smile on the faces of everyone…except those huge, gross elephant seals.


Penguins is Written By David Fowler and Directed By Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson

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