Written and Directed By John Michael McDonagh

At this point I’m quickly becoming convinced that the McDonagh brothers can do no wrong. I’ve yet to see a film from either that I didn’t greatly enjoy, and this was no exception.

Just as in Calvary and In Bruges, Brendan Gleeson is wonderful in his role with a McDonagh guiding him. He plays quite the oddball local cop to perfection, his hint of a grin always letting on that he knows more than…he’s letting on. Paired up with an FBI agent played by Don Cheadle, he has to try and stop an international drug smuggling operation before it gets more of his townsfolk killed.

Their chemistry isn’t amazing and Gleeson almost seems to chew scenery better on his own at times, but the movie is still a riot. As I expected, the sudden burts of violence are tempered by wonderfully funny and memorable dialogue. This is the kind of comedy that will become more quotable with each viewing, as Gleeson madcaps his way through this small town in some absurd situations, dispensing wonderfully ridiculous dialogue along the way. This is pure fun, a great example of dark humor done very well and a breeze to sit through at 90 minutes.