Film of the Day (01/20/19): The Fate of the Furious


Written By Chris Morgan
Directed By F. Gary Gray

My Four Fast Days of Fury are complete and I am officially caught up. It cracks me up how this went from a movie about street racing to a crew of full blown, world-saving action heroes, but the formula they have adapted has been honed to a science and no matter how absurd the story gets, it never loses sight of the fun that propels it forward. Paul Walker is a notable absence, but writer Chris Morgan wisely writes him off as the family man that the crew refuses to bring back into the fold, avoiding the obvious off-screen death that would have felt cheap under the circumstances. Once again, the set pieces are off the charts, nearing the pinnacle of being hard to top if your name isn’t Mission: Impossible. Specifically, the chase in New York City with all the unmanned cars is undeniably cool, with the group looking like a zombie horde at high speed. That’s not even taking into account the nuclear submarine, in a chase I can confidently say I’ve never seen before. These movies are the epitome of mindless popcorn fare and I’ve enjoyed the past few days of turning my brain off and pushing the pedal through the floor. Oh, and Jason Statham killing his way through a terrorist jet while holding a baby in a carseat was just great and there’s nothing else to be said about that.


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