Film of the Day (01/17/19): Fast Five


Written By Chris Morgan
Directed By Justin Lin

It’s strange that as much as I enjoy a good action flick, I’ve only seen the first four in this series, so I have been behind for a long time. With Hobbs and Shaw on the docket for 2019, I figured it was about time to start catching up. I definitely wasn’t disappointed, as the basic thrills of high-speed car chases is a proven formula that this series excels at. The core cast has as much chemistry as ever, and the addition of The Rock is a perfect fit. In retrospect, it’s easy to see how this helped propel him along in his career as an action star with serious box office drawing power. He understands that entertainment doesn’t always need to make you think, and that’s what this franchise is best at. It’s fast, loud, slick and a ton of fun to watch. In a nice touch, they even humanized Dom a bit with more backstory elements in Brazil, which helped add a layer to the story. The set pieces really seemed to up the ante from the previous installments, especially the heist and ensuing chase (seriously, that vault taking out cop cars on the freeway was exceedingly badass), and from the trailers, I imagine I’m in for a thrilling ride when I catch up on the next three movies!


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