Ralph Breaks the Internet – A Review Haiku

Written by Phil Johnston and Pamela Ribon
Directed by Phil Johnston and Rich Moore


When Ralph causes an accident in Vanellope’s game, they only have a few days inside the internet to find a solution.


A Sequel With Heart;
Lush, Gorgeous Animation;
Packed With Easter Eggs.



Being a friend means really putting yourself out there for someone, and sometimes it means letting them go when they want to strike out on their own. That’s the central theme here, and it feels pretty deep for a kid’s movie since the idea of making friends can be scary enough for some kids, let alone the idea of going long stretches without them. The opposite of an empty cash grab, this sequel resonates with its audience because the ideas are relatable for all ages. It wears its heart on its sleeve, in addition to around Ralph’s neck.

The world they have created inside the internet is vibrant, detailed and full of references to nod and wink at adults while the kids look around in awe. It’s great to keep your eyes peeled for characters from your childhood in the background, or just get lost inside the world of the web, much like real life. It’s a world full of avatars, gamers, pop up ads, retailers and a few stray Disney princesses. The results are funny, emotional and all-around impressive.

The cast does a great job, balancing having lots of fun with carrying the emotional weight of the later acts. The climax is actually quite intense, and I was in awe of what the animators achieved once things inside the jet go totally haywire. This was a really fun family film in a year that has already had some very good entries.

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