Three Identical Strangers – A Review Haiku

Directed by Tim Wardle


The amazing true story of three identical twins reunited by chance as teenagers.


A Feel-Good Story;
Takes A Dark, Unforeseen Turn;
And Asks Big Questions.



I feel like I’ve just gotten off of a roller coaster. Dizzying thrills and wonder had me all smiles, until the drop-off, twists and turns made me feel sick.

I don’t mean that as a critique. This is an brilliant film which manages to completely subvert your expectations once it hits its second half. After all, you may already know the first part of the story, as it was international news (albeit in the early 1980s). The story of three identical twins separated at birth finding each other by sheer, magical coincidence is the stuff fiction is made of. But this actually happened. However, the reasoning behind why their lives were taken in such different paths before the eventual reuniting moment is one that could make even mad scientists blush.

I don’t want to give anything away, because this is the kind of film that needs to be seen. Deep questions of nature vs nurture, mental health, socioeconomic status and more are in play, and you wind up on a search for answers much like the siblings the film portrays. It is in turn extremely happy and shockingly sad, and its a credit to Tim Wardle’s direction that the film plays out the way it does, hooking you and taking your emotions on an unforgettable ride. This is the kind of movie that is bound to produce much discussion, almost like a work of science fiction. But this isn’t the Twilight Zone episode that it appears to be.

…Or is it?

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