Film of the Day (10/29/18): The Iceman


Written By Morgan Land and Ariel Vromen
Directed By Ariel Vromen

It’s no secret that I love Michael Shannon. He is excellent at quiet (and occasionally explosive) rage, and his cold stare makes him the pitch-perfect choice for this role, as his eyes feel as lethal as his bullets. As Richie Kuklinski, Shannon plays both parts of his role very well as both the ice cold hitman and the loving family man, and it’s engaging to see him keep those worlds separate for as long as he can. The gritty feel of the production does well to match the time period, and it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Vromen does a solid job as co-writer and director, getting good performances out of his cast and tells the story effectively. Chris Evans is nearly unrecognizable as Mr. Freezy, another contract killer with whom Shannon strikes up a working relationship that adds some fun moments of dark humor. I had some issues with the film’s jumpy nature, often briskly jumping ahead in time without much indication outside of Shannon’s change in hairstyles/facial hair. So, at times, it can feel a bit clunky, but that doesn’t take away from the film as a whole. This is a flawed but mostly rock solid piece that I enjoyed watching.

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