Halloween (2018) – A Review Haiku


Four decades after escaping his killing spree, Laurie Strode must encounter Michael Myers in their final confrontation.


Too Few Fun Moments;
Clunky and Contrived Climax;
Cutest in Franchise.




While I have never been a hardcore horror fan in any capacity, the Halloween franchise has always been one of my favorites. This is because of the emphasis put on tension and suspense, as opposed to horror and gore. To my surprise, Rob Zombie crafted my favorite Halloween films, as they incorporate that horror and gore with the suspense and tension in an in your face way. I would have thought the pendulum would be in full swing in the opposite direction with David Gordon Green’s 2018 remake/reboot; I was wrong.

The best moments of Halloween (2018) are the cute moments written into the script. The only other positive that I took from the movie was the graphic scenes which were few and far between. Had there been a better job at building tension, these moments would have been more effective. Instead of growing suspense and tension, the time is spent being cute and silly, or paranoid. This movie is a mix between a paranoid thriller and a cheesy slasher flick.

Attempts were made at humanizing the character of Michael Myers, but this was not done nearly on the level as past films in this franchise have. There were attempts at shocking the audience with a gory moment or two, but not done nearly as effectively as past Halloween films. The only thing this film is good, not nearly great, at is being cute. This is the cutest Halloween film we have seen before.

The highlight of the movie comes when Laurie’s daughter is getting ready for the day with her family in her kitchen. Laurie’s son-in-law cracks a joke that seems possibly unintentional, but with Danny McBride helping with script duties, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was planned.

There was not much I liked about this movie. The “plus” in my grade for this film is probably because of my affinity to seeing Michael Myers on the big screen. Save your time and money. If you’re looking for a scary movie this season, this is not it.

These are better movie choices for a spooky session!

Have you seen the new Halloween movie? How does it rank against the past films in the franchise? Drop a comment below and head over to our Facebook Community for much more discussion!

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