In 1905, a man travels to an island, going undercover inside a cult to find his sister.


Unexpected Plot;
Masterful Camerawork;
Visually Intense.




It is tough to talk about this film without spoiling plot points that are best left for the audience to uncover in their own viewing experience. My thoughts are this: if you are not turned away from violence and graphic images, you should stop what you are doing and watch this film immediately.

The run-time is slightly long, at 129 minutes, but the slower, narrative-advancing moments of the film build the story beautifully and give us pertinent information on the characters/situation. In the beginning this may feel as if nothing is happening, but by the time things “start to”, you will be wishing for a moment to stop and take a breath. It is also nice to see a story that does not hold your hand, throughout.

 Writer and director, Gareth Evans (The Raid) is known for being an ambitious filmmaker, and Apostle hits that mark. This story, given to another director, would not be successful. Evans knew how we wanted to show his words, and the movie flourishes because of that commitment.

Apostle is not shy. It is raw, unflinching and in your face. In a way, this film reminds me of Hereditary, from earlier this year. I was not as keen on that film as most. Apostle is a knock out of the park.

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