The Old Man and the Gun – A Review Haiku

Written by David Lowrey
Directed by David Lowrey


After his 16th successful escape from jail, this time from San Quentin at age 59, Forrest Tucker enlists a few aging friends and goes on a bank robbing spree. 


A True Throwback Feel;
Fitting Send-Off For Redford;
Light, Magical Fun.



After seeing the understated Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and the astoundingly original A Ghost Story, I didn’t need any convincing to jump on the next David Lowrey film. And when you bait the hook by saying this is Robert Redford’s last film, I’m already reeled in before the opening titles. As it turns out, this is an absolute pitch-perfect work, functioning as a love letter to a screen icon, as well as a warm tribute to a criminal icon. Redford, playing the true to life role of Forrest Tucker, steals money and hearts alike as he robs banks with a gun and a smile. Both are equally effective, as the amount of charm on display is in itself criminal. His scenes with Sissy Spacek are wonderful, as they have indescribable chemistry and are able to do a whole lot with small glances and little bits of simple dialogue. Oh, and on the job he is flanked by Danny Glover and Tom freaking Waits. Everything about this screams throwback in the best ways, from the grainy film stock to the old timey feel of the score and the montage of Redford films used to show Tucker’s many daring escapes. Lowrey uses Casey Affleck frequently, and he does a great job as the cop out to get the old crook, in a bit of Catch Me If You Can age reversal. Their relationship is a ton of fun as well, and their last moment on screen together features a nod to The Sting that made me smile huge and want to high five the old lady sitting next to me. This is a light, fun and all-around wonderful movie and a great way to end Redford’s on-screen career. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this and highly recommend it if it’s playing near you!

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