Film of the Day (10/10/18): For A Few Dollars More


Written By Luciano Vincenzoni and Sergio Leone
Directed By Sergio Leone

I always try to judge things on their own merits, but sometimes it can be hard with trilogies. This seems to be the pick for a lot of folks as the best of the three, though I suppose I will decide for myself soon enough, and I can see why those people find it better than its predecessor. Everything is bigger, longer, more drawn out and epic in scope, from the screen to the sound design. The villain is certainly more heinous and memorable, and for a genre so full of tropes and cliches, he stands out over time. The compositions are even more stylish, as Leone found his voice on the screen and spoke more clearly through it. For me, the narrative was a bit less focused than the first installment, and it could have stood to be edited down a bit, as some scenarios are dragged out beyond what was needed for the desired effect. One thing that is certainly amped up this time around was the dark humor, most notably the early scene of Mortimer and Monaco destroying each other’s hats in a hilarious showdown made even funnier by how seriously it was taken. This was excellent, another classic in its genre, and I am excited to wrap up this trilogy very soon, perhaps ironically over a big plate of spaghetti…

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