Written By Derek Kolstad
Directed By Chad Stahelski


Well, at least nobody hurt his dog this time…

It feels rare that a sequel lives up to its predecessor these days, let alone builds on what made the original great while it expands the universe and sets up a logical third film. But such is the case here, as John Wick is back with a vengeance that would be hard to imagine if we hadn’t seen him rack up an impressive body count once before. From the ludicrously fun opening scene, you get the sense that pushing the pedal to the floor isn’t enough, the film is trying to shove its foot through the car and touch the actual road. The franchise remains stylish as hell, with action quicker than a hiccup. It is an absolute riot to watch, and while it lacks the emotional depth of its parent picture, that hook isn’t necessary this time around because we already care about the character. At this point, we are just signing up to see Wick kick lots of ass and kill lots of people, and he’s more than happy fo oblige. My favorite aspect here is that the seedy criminal underworld is shown in greater detail and a larger scope, as we are shown a little bit of just how far the rabbit hole goes. And yes, that Matrix reference is intentional, since we got to see Reeves and Fishburne on screen together once again.