Written By Victor Andres Catena and Jamie Comas Gil and Sergio Leone
Directed By Sergio Leone

I’ve been wanting to watch the Man with No Name Trilogy for a long time now, so and today seemed like a great time to start. I loved Yojimbo when I first saw it (and, for that matter, Last Man Standing is a lot of fun, too), so I’m excited to have finally seen Sergio Leone’s take on the story. It is every bit as iconic as I’ve always been told, featuring a star-making performance from Eastwood, an amazing score by Ennio Morricone and just as many double crosses as bullets fired. The landscape reflects the time and place, brutal and desolate and offering only glimmers of hope as the sun peaks over the mountains and plateaus, casting deep shadows just deep enough to hide the kind of dark behavior that permeated the era. There are films and characters that help to define their genre, and there is a reason this is one of the leading examples. The Western was nothing new, but they had never before looked or sounded like this. Never been framed and photographed like this. Never been so stylized and violent. In short, they had never been this good. I can’t wait to get into the rest of this trilogy.