The Predator – Review Haiku

Written by Fred Dekker and Shane Black
Directed by Shane Black


A group of military misfits must come together to stop the attack from the galaxy’s most lethal hunters. 


Dialogue was Forced;
Sloppy Story and Edit;
It’s Not All That Bad.



There has been a lot of negative press surrounding this film. I did not think it was deserving of quite the amount of heat it received, but it was not a very good movie. There was hardly any character development whatsoever. We were introduced to characters and expected to know who they were and what they were all about. Then, 5 minutes after meeting these characters, they were acting out of character to how we were introduced to them. It was jumbling and confusing. Some of the dialogue was amazing and hit perfectly…but for the most part, it felt extremely forced, and the cheese factor was through the roof. There were bits and pieces of marvelous fun throughout the film. I loved the action scenes when the Predator was slicing people up. I loved the cast that was assembled for this film, as well as the writer/director. I believe that somewhere within here is an amazing 80s-style action movie, but it is certainly not the product we were given on screen.

Have you seen The Predator? What did you think of the movie? Drop a comment below and head over to our Facebook Community for much more discussion!

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