Written by Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker
Directed by Greg Berlanti


A closeted gay teen falls for an anonymous classmate via a series of emails, but when someone finds out his secret and blackmails him, he is forced to confront his true identity. 


Not Remarkable;
But Finds A Way To Feel Fresh;
While Avoiding Traps.



I missed this in the theater, so it has been high on my list of things to watch at home because I thought it looked pretty promising. The script definitely delivers on that promise, giving us a romantic comedy wrapped in a coming-of-age story that somehow feels like it embraces and avoids the cliches of each genre at the same time. There are tropes, but they dont feel so…tropey. It’s witty and charming with great chemistry all over the place, and truly shines in Simon’s scenes with his family and his close friends. I’ve seen comparisons to John Hughes, and they make sense in terms of the authenticity of the characters. Situations may seem familiar and often predictable, but the film gives off an air of uncharted territory all the while. Watching it, I really didn’t find anything I outwardly didn’t like (though the third act can be a bit contrived), but at the same time it never seems to hit any home runs. Love, Simon is a very enjoyable two hours with a great message about accepting yourself and inspiring others to do the same.

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