Written by Panos Cosmstos and Aaron Stewart-Ahn
Directed by Panos Cosmatos


When the love of his life is brutally murdered by a violent religious cult, Red sets out for revenge…and blood by the truckload. 


Utterly Unique;
Uncompromising Vision;
Tense And Visceral.

**Watch in Theater Immediately**
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Don’t Waste Your Time


Whoa. That was different.

Between this and Mom and Dad, Nicolas Cage has spent 2018 reminding us why he won that Oscar all those years back. When paired with the right director and material, he can really make something memorable and run through the entire spectrum of human emotion quite convincingly. Here we have an LSD-soaked, blood-spattered, horror-tinged revenge thriller with demon bikers, a religious cult, anime hallucinations and a sword fight with chainsaws, among other completely left field notions that reflect the film’s dark sense of justice (and humor). The plot is simple: a man’s love is killed and he seeks revenge. But that’s just window dressing, just the bones of the story that are there to lead you down the amazing rabbit hole of insanity. There is nothing else like this out right now, and it needs to be seen to be believed. The visuals are absolutely arresting, with incredibly bold lighting and usage of color to enhance its “drugged out nightmare on wheels” tone. The pace os deliberate, the takes are long, the photography is mesmerizing and the synth-laden score is a great companion. Seriously, this is the most Nicolas Winding Refn thing ever, and he didn’t even direct it. Cage has never been away from the public eye long enough for this to feel like a resurgence, but that feels like the most appropriate word to use. He even turns in possibly the best scene of his entire career in the first third of the film and it is a true spectacle to behold on several levels. This is a limited release but if you can find it in a theater near you, go see it!



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