Episode Breakdown: Fear The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 15

Fear The Walking Dead
“I Lose People…”
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

Last week, the group survived the mystery woman’s attack with only minor wounds (although it resulted in the truck exploding, wiping out the supply boxes) and fled to a nearby hospital for shelter. They were overrun by a horde and managed to fire up the generators to get the elevators working, but they are now stuck on the roof and Jim  has been bitten. At the end of the episode, Alicia and Charlie appear to find John and Strand, but it was never fully revealed.

What Went Down:

The group is stranded on the hospital roof, trying to figure out how to get down and find Al. June tells Morgan he may not want to lead, but he needs to help. Alicia and Charlie look across the river and see Strand and John. June’s voice comes over the radio and Alicia picks it up. Morgan tells Alicia he got them stuck but won’t tell them where, for fear of the other woman hearing. He tells Alicia to radio them once they get to John and Strand. talking with June, Morgan thinks maybe they can get down the same way they got up.

Strand and John talk, and they appear to have swapped mentalities, as John has no hope that Alicia and Charlie can get them out and Strand seems to believe it’s possible. Strand reminds John of who and what Charlie took from Alicia, and now they see them working together, so anything is possible. The girls are looking in a nearby town for a boat or canoe to cross the gator-infected waters.

The mystery woman, bleeding from the shoulder shot last week, is in the SWAT van looking over a map, presumably trying to figure out where the group could have fled to. Jim stands on the edge of the roof, contemplating suicide as an alternative to turning, but Morgan stops him. Instead, he pees off the side of the building. Morgan wants his help to help find Al, but since he blames Morgan for his condition, he’s not interested. Sarah asks Jim for his beer recipe, saying it can live on past him, but he refuses.

Alicia and Charlie are set up by the woman, and she wants to make Alicia strong, just as she said to Morgan. She doesn’t want help from Alicia, but soon passes out after firing multiple shots. Alicia recognizes her as the voice on the radio. The group goes back down to the floor with the generators, searching for Al. They find a note she left, saying she went for the freight elevator.

Back at the swamp, the SWAT van roars into the water, as the girls had found it after finding the woman. Strand and John get in and Charlie gives John his hat. The woman is tied up inside. Morgan says he needs to stay behind to distract the horde outside so the group can exit the freight elevator. He needs to get them out of the mess he got them into. He walks across the roof, dragging a walker, and tells Jim “we have work to do.”

The groups in the hospital and the van chat over the radio, with John and June thrilled to hear from each other again. They want the others to meet them on the outskirts of town, away from the horde. The woman wakes up in the van, angry at being saved. She would rather die than be weak. Morgan dangles the walker body over the side of the building and flings it down, landing on top of a car and setting off the alarm. The sound is drawing the walkers away from the group, who escape. Morgan tells June the power is out and he can’t get down to join them. He tells June he has too much to make up for, and that getting June back to John and Alicia and Charlie wound count for something. The group gets in a nearby ambulance and drives off, leaving Morgan and Jim on the roof.

Jim asks Morgan to kill him before he can turn, but before he can answer he hears June’s voice on the radio, saying they are coming back for him. Everyone chimes in from various positions, saying they are here to help him and that they need him. He looks over the side of the building and sees a fire truck with a ladder. The engine is dead but the hydraulics for the ladder still work. The woman insists they should leave now, saying this won’t end well. The ladder doesn’t reach high enough, but Morgan has a rope and is going to try to scale down the side to get to where he can reach. He doesn’t want to leave Jim, but Jim says he can’t do anything for him anyway and should go. He successfully climbs down, but is immediately attacked by a walker who holds him over the edge, but John manages to shoot it and save him. The ladder is still far away from Morgan and he is forced to jump. He gets down but the truck is surrounded by a horde.

Morgan wants to jump off and lead the walkers away but Jim gets on the radio and volunteers to help. He gives Sarah his beer recipe before jumping off to sacrifice himself, landing on another car that sets off another alarm. The horde moves away from the ladder truck. They get back in the SWAT van and the woman has escaped. They discuss naming Jim’s beer once they are able to brew it. Morgan wants to find Al and head back to Virginia as a group, as they had planned before everything went wrong. Jim’s body is seen, dead, while the woman writes the recipe on his face with marker. He turns and she says “You’re strong, now. Let’s go make him strong, too.”

Where We Go From Here:

While I have no idea how the woman was able to get to Jim or where the horde went, the fact is she will now have a chained weapon, once again. Al is still somewhere in the vicinity but hasn’t been found, and the group will likely run into her again while looking for their last remaining member. With only one episode left to go this season, the question of who, if anyone, will make it to Virginia looms large.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
Who will find Al first, the group or the woman?
Will they find a way to kill the woman, or could she relent and accept help?

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