Episode Breakdown: Fear The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 14

Fear The Walking Dead
“MM 54”
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

Last week, Luciana found the man responsible for starting the supply box drop operation while he was dying. She helped him have one last beer before he passed and managed to reunite with Morgan, Al and June. John and Strand tried to cross the water to try and find the group, but to no avail, as the alligator thwarted their efforts. In the end, the mystery woman, in Al’s SWAT van, ambushed the group in the semi truck and used the mounted guns to open fire.

What Went Down:

We open on the scene of a car accident in the past, as the woman we know will eventually attack the group has gone off the road and the guardrail has pierced her windshield and her husband’s chest. Nobody will stop to help her, but she happens upon a walker and kills it with a rake, and it appears that this is taking place soon after the outbreak. She holds him as he dies, and by the next morning he has turned, but he’s still stuck in the car so he’s easy to kill. After burying him, she grieves and appears to suffer a breakdown. Soon after, a female trucker pulls over to drop off a box and the woman kills her. We get a montage of her killing truckers using the dead as a weapon as we have seen her do before. She gets on the radio in one of the trucks and we see her make the initial contact with Morgan when he was inside the truck stop several episodes prior.

Back in the present, the gunshots ring out from the attack that concluded last week’s episode. Miraculously, the only person who appears wounded is Sarah, though she was only winged. Everyone gets out of the truck and Morgan tries to talk the woman down as she uses a walker to attack June. Wendell fires at her, hitting her in the shoulder as Morgan kills the walker. The truck had been on fire from the attack and blows up, erasing all the boxes and brewing supplies along with their ride. The woman drives off in the SWAT van as walkers come out of the woods toward the group.

Alicia and Charlie happen upon the burned-out semi and a pile of dead walkers. Up the road, the group walks as a horde slowly follows them. Jim wants to leave, but decides to follow Morgan as he heads toward a hospital. We find out Sarah is an ex-Marine. At the hospital, June is able to tend to everyone’s wounds, but they are surrounded by walkers and barricaded inside. Wendell tells Al about how he was paralyzed when he was hit by a car as a kid trying to save his friend from danger. He likes to help people, but recognizes that bad things happen as a result.

Alicia and Charlie and discuss where they are going. Alicia says they aren’t really looking for the group, she intends to take Charlie to the beach in Galveston, just like her parents had promised her before the outbreak. At the hospital, the walkers override the barricade and force their way in. Jim calls out Morgan for getting them into this and Morgan says they need to go up to a higher floor. Multiple stairwells are blocked by the dead and Morgan plans to use the generators to fire up the elevators so they can access the roof and look for a way down. Morgan and Jim are attacked by a group of walkers, and they fight them off, with Jim even getting his first kill (that we’ve seen). Al tells Sarah to go help Wendell and Luciana while walkers approach her and she shuts herself into the generator room. The group is surrounded but the power comes on and they all get into the elevator, taking it to the roof.

The fire escape is unusable and it is revealed that Jim was bitten in the fight. Morgan tells June he won’t be able to get them out of there. Charlie and Alicia are walking and Charlie says they should have kept searching for the group. Alicia wants to do something good by taking her to Galveston. They hear water and find an area that’s flooded, and Charlie says they found a beach. On the ground, Alicia spots John’s hat. They look into the distance and Alicia says “holy shit” as the episode ends.

Where We Go From Here:

The group has to find a way off of the hospital roof and down to safety, but they will likely need a huge distraction to pull it off. Alicia and Charlie appear to have found John and Strand, but with the shot not revealing what they were looking at, it’s hard to be certain. And with that mystery woman (with the SWAT van) still lurking, nobody is truly safe…

What did you think of this week’s episode?
How will the group escape the hospital? Will Jim use himself as a diversion?
How will Charlie, Alicia, John and Strand reunite with the group?

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