Film of the Day (09/13/18): Shotgun Stories


Written By Jeff Nichols
Directed By Jeff Nichols

After being blown away by Take Shelter, I knew I had to discover more Jeff Nicohols films right away, and this seemed like a great place to start. While I didn’t like it quite as much as the aforementioned movie, I was still very impressed with Nichols, specifically his ability to create suspense while doing very little. The whole time, a very unsettling cloud hangs over the proceedings, as we watch these two groups of half brothers let their rivalry get the best of them after their collective father dies. Michael Shannon is very good here, leading the charge of quiet rage that his brothers (played by Barlow Jacobs and Douglas Ligon) follow. It is hypnotic despite being simple, plain-spoken and straightforward, and the build feels natural, as though you have seen these top groups at each other’s throats for years. It is a fully-realized world with wind even the minor characters feel fleshed-out and real. Nichols has real talent for his craft and I can’t wait to watch the other two films of his that I rented.

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