Top 15 “Drug Movies”

This week marks the release of the new Matthew McConaughey movie, White Boy Rick. That means in this week’s list we will run down the Top 15 movies about drugs.

Drugs don’t necessarily have to be the end all, be all of the films, but they must play an important role; the amount will factor into the rankings.

Without further ado, let’s get…rolling.


15. Requiem for a Dream

Unsettling and uncomfortable. Very well made, but it was without a doubt a one time watch for me.

Easy Rider

14. Easy Rider

This is a classic. They actually used drugs while, filming. Probably should be higher (wink, wink).


13. A Scanner Darkly

Richard Linklater is a superb filmmaker and has a lot of talent on hand, here. Everything adds up to a wonderfully entertaining and thought provoking movie.


12. Scarface

We all know this one.

New Jack City.jpg

11. New Jack City

This is the quintessential gangster film. Not Goodfellas, not Casino. New Jack City. Nino Brown is that dude. Its rank falls slightly as a drug movie.

Paid in Full.jpg

10. Paid in Full

This was a childhood favorite. Who can you trust on your way to the top?


09. Dazed and Confused

The start of the heavy hitters. This one is fun to watch, even if only to see the familiar faces when they were young.


08. Super Troopers

A cult classic that has stood the test of time. One liner after one liner fills the run-time, here. Sit down with this movie and some buds and you’re sure to have a good time!

half baked.jpg

07. Half Baked

For years Dave Chappelle held the title of stoner movie king. Thurgood Jenkins meeting and falling in love with Mary Jane? What more can you ask for?

harold and kumar.jpg

06. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

“We’ve gone too far”.

grandmas boy.jpg

05. Grandma’s Boy

The stoner movie of all stoner movies. Though the plot does not revolve around drugs, they are definitely the most prominent feature of the movie. Grandma getting high, playing video games with a monkey, being driven to work by a…monkey? It doesn’t get much better.


04. Blow

These next four are not just amazing drug movies, but they are amazing in any category of film. Blow gives you the life story of a man who went deep into business with the Colombian cartels. Johnny Depp cashes in one of his finest performances.

fear and loathing.jpg

03. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Johnny Depp brings another outstanding performance to the table, here. Benecio Del Toro also shines. This is a wild trip and one you will not be sad you took.


02. Traffic

Traffic gives you several different perspectives of drug trade. The stories are blended together, each with a different color grade. Traffic is one of the finest cinematic achievements in film history. Its 147 minute run-time, paired with its bleak tone, is the only thing holding this film back.

american gangster.jpg

01. American Gangster

Holding an even longer run-time than Traffic, American Gangster contains a more exciting, accessible story. The acting is top notch, across the board. The direction is splendid, which is a surprise coming from a director who likes to put himself front and center. The look and feel of this movie are near perfect. If you are looking for the best drug movie, look no further.

What are your favorite “drug movies”? Was something too high or low on the list? Drop a comment below and head over to our Facebook Group for more DISCUSSION!

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