Film of the Day (09/09/18): Source Code


Written By Ben Ripley
Directed By Duncan Jones

I remember when I first saw the trailer for this. I mentally wrote it off as a silly looking, run-of-the-mill “race against the clock” action thriller. That was an unfortunate misjudgment on my part, because this is just the kind of science fiction that can be beloved by audiences and critics alike. It has its mind bending premise, complete with multiple twists and turns, as well as likeable leads and a fantastic sense of pacing. But it also has a lot of heart lying just under the surface, making it both accessible and admirable for its genre. Duncan Jones had previously given us Moon, which I absolutely loved, so I wish I had known that at the time, because I probably would have been quicker to give this a shot in the theater. Gyllenhaal is always reliable, and he brings charm to a role filled with chaos and confusion. His character is, wisely, not written as a cookie cutter soldier on a mission or government spook with an agenda. The script makes him real and Gyllenhaal brings him to life, whether in scenes with Vera Farmiga or Michelle Monaghan, part of a great supporting cast. You won’t find a lot of sci-fi thrillers that accomplish this much and leave you this satisfied in 90 minutes.

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