Episode Breakdown: Fear The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 13

Fear The Walking Dead
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

Last week we saw a slight reunion take place, as Morgan was finally able to reconnect with Al and June, bringing them into the fold with his new trucker group and their mission to leave the supply boxes on the road while they look for the rest of Morgan’s group. They have their sights set on Alexandria, but a mysterious woman with a knack for using walkers as a weapon is on their trail and is now in control of the SWAT van.

What Went Down:

We open with Al, June and Morgan out searching for Quinn, the man on the other end of the radio at the end of last week, who had the SWAT van, but they can’t find him. At the semi, Sarah, Jim and Wendell dispatch a stray walker, but they see that it had “Take what you need” written on his face. The woman in the van talks into the radio and lets them hear Quinn’s voice. Morgan recognizes her voice, and she recognizes his, too. But she knows Morgan’s name, and says to know a lot about him. She says leaving the boxes is weak and knows that isn’t him.

Strand wakes up and looks outside. He appears to be staying at a Ranger’s Station, presumably at a park. John is near the water’s edge, cutting logs and apparently making a raft. He kills a walker and they discuss getting on the raft, but Strand is not interested at all and walks away. Luciana has found a public library that matches the book Charlie left back at the mansion. After dealing with a walker, she finds a badly-injured old man named Clayton trapped in a car and bleeding badly. John gets on the raft but it immediately sinks, and he is quickly approached by an alligator and gets out of the water.

The group discusses the mystery woman, with Morgan saying they need to find the rest of his people before she finds a way to hurt them. They want to know what the woman meant when she said she knows what Morgan is capable of. He won’t talk, and Morgan threatens to take the truck if they don’t agree to his plan. Sarah and Wendell agree, albeit reluctantly. Strand and John argue over John’s optimism, as he is still determined to find a way across the water to look for June.

Back at the car, Luciana can’t get Clayton free. His people are all gone, save for one, and he says it’s the last person he wants to see. But he wants one last beer and Luciana sets off to find one for him, leaving him with her other walkie. Stand and John find a truck stuck sideways up an embankment, having washed off the side of the road. There is a walker in the cab, but John wants the camper shell to use as a boat. He invokes his injury to get Strand to retrieve the shell for him.

Morgan and June head up the operation to keep making drops, with Morgan writing their VHF channel on one of them. He reassures June that they will find John, while Sarah tells Al it’s not their fault they stole the rig since the keys were inside. Strand climbs up to the truck and stupidly reaches for a bottle of wine next to the walker’s feet. When it pulls him inside, the weight shift causes the truck to barrel roll down the embankment. Luckily, Strand is unharmed and the walker was killed. John is upset that Victor almost got himself killed over alcohol, but Strand assures him he will still be the walker distraction when John needs him.

Luciana is out looking for the beer, but to no avail. John tells Strand he will drink with him once they get past the alligator. John pulled the battery and car horn out of the truck so he has his distraction without needing Strand to do it for him. Victor agrees to come with John on the makeshift raft.  Luciana walks down the road and apologizes for not finding a beer for Clayton but he says she will find someone else to help. Strand and Victor  set off the car horn and get the raft in the water, drawing walkers towards the gator. Luciana finds the box Morgan had written on and sees the beer inside. The car horn dies and the distraction is no more, as the gator starts to ram the raft and causes a leak. John fires his gun and lures two last walkers into the water as gator bait and the two abandon the raft to swim back to shore, having failed to cross.

Luciana returns to Clayton with the beer she found. As I was expecting, he was the trucker who started the supply drops. After he dies, Luciana switches to the channel that Morgan had written on the box and he recognizes her voice. John and Victor have made it safely back to their side of the shore. Luciana is in the back of the rig with Morgan, June and the others. A new voice comes over the radio. It is Charlie, who is with Alicia near one of the other boxes they found. The mystery woman is also listening, and accuses Morgan of weakness. He tries to talk her down, saying he’s been where she is now, but that she’s not alone and that helping people makes you strong, not weak. Morgan wants to help her, too. But she is right behind them in the SWAT van, and gaining quickly. She uses the mounted guns to open fire on the truck and Alicia hears the radio go dark.

Where We Go From Here:

Now that the woman has found our now-larger group and attacked, surely there will be some casualties. With Alicia and Charlie having heard and knowing a rough location, they will surely be on their way to help, but it may be too late. Victor and Strand remain the only two without any connection to the rest of the group, and if they want to have any hope of finding them, they need to figure out how to get past the alligator in the river.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
Who died in the attack in the closing scene?
Will Alicia and Charlie find them in time?

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