Episode Breakdown: Fear The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 12

Fear The Walking Dead
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

Last week focused on Morgan’s quest to get back to Alexandria, as he ran into a few new faces that seemed helpful at first, but later turned on him. Posing as the truckers leaving the mysterious “take what you need, leave what you don’t” boxes roadside, they used Morgan to help them track down a brewer determined to make a living in the apocalypse, and left Morgan surrounded by walkers after he gave them (false) directions to Alexandria. When they all reunite at the end of the episode, Morgan gets them to agree to drive their eighteen wheeler back to Texas to look for the group he left, and then he will lead them to Virginia.

What Went Down:

We open in the aftermath of the hurricane and June is talking into her radio, hoping John can hear her. She speaks of his belief in a better world and her tendency to run when the situation gets rough. The SWAT van is out of fuel, and Al and June are out of water. We hear a crackling voice through the radio static, but can’t make out who is speaking or what is being said.

Morgan’s group pulls over near a mile marker on a Texas highway and he tries his radio. Al isn’t feeling well, and June is concerned, as they go on a walk to look for supplies. June and Morgan’s radios are picking up faint static from each other but don’t realize it. The girls find a pickup with some gas in it and start driving, still trying the radio. We see the woman from the end of last week, driving a truck with a walker in the back. She hears June’s voice and turns her radio off. Morgan hears a voice and walks off to try and get a better signal. In the pickup, Al and June are blown past by someone who has stolen the SWAT van. They pursue, but blow a tire. Al is getting sicker, but the antibiotics are in the van as well.

Morgan is walking down the road and happens upon the woman from the other end of the radio going through one of the boxes. He says the boxes are helpful but she responds by saying she doesn’t need help  because she isn’t weak, and he continues walking. She tells him to be careful.

June is fixing the tire and talking to Al, trying to get her to stay awake through her sickness. They hear gunfire in the distance, and Al wants June to go on foot, which she reluctantly agrees to. When she reaches the van, a man sneaks up and pulls a gun on her. She tries to convince him they don’t need to live like this, and after he disagrees she takes the gun and subdues him before sending him away. The van is out of gas and June can’t find the medicine. She radios back to Al, who is trying to fend off a walker. She manages to push it under the car before kicking it off its jack, crushing the zombie’s head. Al tells her there is no medicine, she just wanted the van back.

June is back with Al after finding antibiotics on a crashed bus. June is angry she risked her life for a lie, but Al tells her how important the van was. June almost became the person she’s been running away from again. Al refuses to leave behind all the stories on the tapes. They aren’t just random interviews, they are people she knew and loved, and June saw for herself what one of those tapes did for Alicia.

Morgan climbs a water tower, still trying to get a signal. Al and June pick up his message and location, but the battery on their radio dies before they can talk back to him. He is fifty miles away and June wants to leave immediately to catch him. Al wants to stay with the van but decides to go. They manage to catch up with Morgan and the truckers before they leave, and Morgan tells June they are still looking for the others. June gets on the radio and sends out a message of hope to the man who pilled a gun on her earlier. He is listening and his name is Quinn. he found diesel and made it back to the SWAT van, and June invites him to join them. He radios them a while later and says he is at the mile marker and doesn’t see them. The sign has been doctored, and the woman from earlier unleashes a walker on him, killing him. She sets it free and watches Quinn turn, replacing the old zombie as her new weapon.

Where We Go From Here:

There is an unnamed woman in the area who is clearly a big time threat, as she has the SWAT van, knows how to use a walker to kill others, and is clearly resourceful. Morgan and the group don’t know she is coming for them, so she will have the upper hand. The journey to round up the others and head for Virginia to do some good in the world is clearly in jeopardy.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
Does Morgan have any hope of succeeding on this mission?
Who will die at the hands of this mystery woman?

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