Episode Breakdown: Fear The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 11

Fear The Walking Dead
“The Code”
Created By Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman
Where: AMC
When: Sundays @ 9pm EST

Where We Left Off:

Last week focused entirely on Alicia and Charlie, as they rode out the storm together in an abandoned house. Alicia was able to overcome her hatred and be the person Madison wanted her to be, allowing Charlie to hopefully have a future. The episode ended with them driving off together, in search of the remaining members of our splintered group.

What Went Down:

We open on Morgan, having just walked away from Alicia in the storm, searching for shelter. He finds an empty semi truck and climbs into the back. He finds one of the boxes marked “take what you need, leave what you don’t,” which is full of food, water and other supplies. When he wakes up the next morning, he can hear a walker outside of the truck, but the storm has passed. He gets out and enters a truck stop, realizing that he is now in Mississippi. The building still has power, and he hears a woman’s voice on a CB radio asking for “Polar Bear.” He answers, saying that he must have hitched a ride in the truck and didn’t realize it. The woman tells him he got farther than she thought, reiterates the “take what you need, leave what you don’t” motto, and says nothing else. Morgan wants to know what this place is, but the radio goes silent.

Morgan looks around before going to the bathroom. He hears a shotgun cock and opens the stall door to see an armed man in a wheelchair. He grills Morgan and a woman arrives. They are truckers who have been packing an  delivering supplies since the world turned. Their truck stop has a water pump and solar panels, hence the power and running water. They know the routes and warehouses, so they have no problem doing this. They help him load a car so he can try and get back to Texas, reversing the 400 miles they drove him. His goal may be Virginia, but first he wants to try and round up his group. But when he gets to a bridge that Wendell and Sarah thought may have washed out in the storm, he begins to remember everyone in that group wanting him to leave without them. He radios the two and lies, telling them the bridge is out. He is coming back to them, hoping they can get him back to Alexandria.

Morgan makes it back to the truck stop, but Wendell and Sarah can’t meet him back there. They give him a rendezvous point and tell him that’s the last stop of its kind on the way back east. While driving, he sees someone in a field with a bag over his head, being pursued by walkers. He saves the man and finds out that he is a beer brewer who had been kidnapped by some people who wanted his recipes. He says humans will inevitably infest the planet again and rebuild, and that he will be the man with the beer. They find the semi, but it turns out Sarah and Wendell were the ones who had been looking for the brewer. They reveal that they stole the truck and left the driver on the side of the road in Texas. They have Morgan and Jim at gunpoint and want to know where Morgan’s home is. They leave Morgan and Jim tied up in the back and start driving.

Jim sees this as an opportunity to control the market and wants Morgan to lead the drivers to Alexandria, even though he is a fellow prisoner. He says beer is the staff of life, and that where they are going, he is needed. Beer is a part of history; it’s what the world was built on. The truck hits a busted patch of road and gets stuck, and they begin to unload equipment to try and get lighter. Jim accidentally knocks Morgan down an embankment and into a group of walkers, with his hands still tied behind his back. He scrambles atop a car and is surrounded. Over the radio, he tells them where they are headed, in exchange for help in getting out of this situation. They turn to leave without helping him, saying they knew he lied about the bridge being out, so they aren’t helping him the way he didn’t help his friends.

By nightfall, Morgan is still stuck. He starts talking into the radio, saying that they can still come back. He knows he could have crossed the bridge and gone back to Texas. He admits to being a coward, and that what he did for that group wasn’t enough. He was scared of going back and making things worse. He asks them to come back so he can have the chance to do the right thing. He begins trying to fend off the walkers using just his feet, but he isn’t successful. He leaps off the car and lands on the embankment, just past the point the walkers can reach. Finding a knife nearby from one of the care packages, he frees himself and picks up a road sign, successfully fighting off the dead. Morgan walks down the road, still talking into the radio. He says they were wrong when they said the boxes weren’t doing any good just sitting by the road, since one of them just saved his life.

Morgan walks a long way, before finding Sarah and Wendell parked on a bridge. They tell him he lied about the directions to Alexandria. He gets them to agree to double back to Texas to look for his group before going to Virginia, and adds that they will make some stops along the way. They keep dropping off packages as the former driver used to, and Morgan gets on the radio and says they are coming back. On the other end of the radio is a woman in a truck stop, holding a walker captive.

Where We Go From Here:

Morgan seems to have regained his hope for humanity, after some time to self-reflect. I am interested to see if any of the packages they dropped off will be found by other characters we know. Is there any chance he actually makes it back to Alexandria? I assume that won’t happen, certainly not with the other group members because then there is no point to having two shows, but anything is possible. But first things first, he has to find Alicia, Strand, Aletha and the others.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
Is the woman on the other end of the radio dangerous?

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