Top 10 Directors to Helm ‘Bond 25’

With Danny Boyle bowing out (or being booted from) the director’s chair of the new installment of the James Bond franchise, let’s run down a list of the best (and most likely) candidates to take over…

denis v.png10. Denis Villeneuve

Denis would be a top 3 choice for me, but with his involvement in the Dune franchise, I don’t think there is a chance he will be replacing Boyle.

Nolan09. Christopher Nolan

Easily the best choice to helm a James Bond movie, Christopher Nolan needs to reinvent the Bond franchise in order to be a part of it (his words). Nolan will not be directing Daniel Craig in a James Bond movie.


08. Christopher McQuarrie

As shown in the Mission: Impossible franchise, McQuarrie would be a fabulous choice. I don’t expect McQuarrie to want to do such a similar project, nor would I expect the Bond creators to make people think that they’re emulating a competitor.


07. Zack Snyder

Maybe the most out of the box choice on this list, Zack Snyder has everything that this franchise needs. Don’t let Justice League or Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice¬†sour your thoughts on this. Snyder would be a great hire.

wan.jpg06. James Wan

Anyone who has seen Death Sentence knows why James Wan should at least be considered in this conversation…


05. Ben Affleck

…and anyone who has seen The Town knows why Ben Affleck would be the right choice…

coogler.jpg04. Ryan Coogler

…but the combination of Creed, Black Panther and Fruitvale Station make Ryan Coogler my top choice.

yann.jpg03. Yann Demange

Here is someone who actually has a shot at taking over the director’s chair. I don’t know much about this director. He worked on the new Matthew McConaughey film White Boy Rick, which looks promising, so there is hope with Demange. He is rumored to be a front runner to take over for Boyle.

mackeznie.jpg02. David Mackenzie

Mackenzie was at the helm of the surprise hit Hell or High Water, as well as the criminally under-seen Starred Up. Both films are amazingly directed and Bond would be in good hands with Mackenzie.

Sam Mendes.jpg01. Sam Mendes

It feels like the Bond franchise will be cutting their losses, here. Craig is already one foot out the door. Bringing back Mendes would be easy and would probably be the most fitting way to end Craig’s run as the titular character.

Who do you think will be the new director of ‘Bond 25’? Who do you want to be the director? Drop a comment below and head over to our Facebook Community for more Discussion!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Directors to Helm ‘Bond 25’

    1. Yeah, Casino Royale is up there for me, too. Not a bad choice at all! I haven’t seen his film with Jackie Can, The Foreigner yet, but would like to.

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